Etikett: himself


A weird title, and suddenly he starts writing in English? Confusing, I know, but I’m about to explain everything.

Normally, I don’t write for international readers. However, I think this particular post could perhaps be of interest for people all around the world – and not only my fellow Swedes.

And the title – well, here’s the deal.

Clicking around Facebook all day long makes it hard to not notice the latest trends among users of the social network. The latest week, I have seen people starting to “like” short messages like “I’m Awsome!” and “I love Summer!” which are repeated all over the screen. This is, of course, related to the new Facebook possibility to “like” pages outside Facebook.

A while ago, I wrote a short post about Internet Explorer’s decrease in market shares. The title was “Explorer fail”. Even though the post didn’t contain any spectacular information at all (it was, to be honest, a pretty lame post), it still got “liked” by several people. It is, by this far, my most “liked” post.

I figured out that people probably just had seen “Markus likes Explorer fail” in the Facebook feed, and spontaneously agreed by liking it as well. I guess they didn’t even read the actual post. The just didn’t like Internet Explorer.

So, what I’m about to do with this post, is an experiment. Do people like themselves?

Update: To get this to work, I had to first publish the post without any content, so I could get the screenshot. Sorry for any inconvenience. It also finally crossed my mind that this only works out for men. But maybe someone of my fellow female social media bloggers could fill in with a womens version?